I really need help (Newbie), I have an old encrypted json keystroke files, I have the private keys in it if what I understand it correctly?, I have the password to open it. and I used it for a few years. so far so good.

Now, up until 1 year ago I managed to open it in Myetherwallet easily and use it, now it says this: "uncaught error: not a v3 wallet"...

I tried to follow this advice: https://kb.myetherwallet.com/posts/migration/importing-v2-json-file/ which is: - Download zipped geth - Unzip it - copy the json file into same folder - and through command line paste: geth account import NameOfMyWalletFile and this is where I got stuck... it says an error: Fatal: Failed to load the private key: encoding/hex: invalid byte: U+007B '{'

I have no idea what to do :( And would appreciate any help out there.


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