I know this has been asked a thousand times (i know this because I've seen all the post/threads) but I have to ask again in hopes something has changed.

I am trying to run a node and no matter what I do it never seems to sync. Its made it to block #1.6M after TWO DAYS but my computer crashed.

This last run I used (after clearing my db):

geth --fast --cache=1024

It took almost two days for it to get to block # 1.6M and then my machine locked up. After a reboot I saw it started back on block 0 and is very slow.

I made a copy of my chaindata before booting up geth in case it cleared out for some reason.

What can I do to increase this sync time?!


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Two main reasons for a slow blockchain download:

  • Make sure that the port UDP/TCP 30303 is open on your rooter and enough peers are connected.
  • Make sure, that your firewall doesn't block the connection.

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