I am trying to run a Parity daemon. Here is my shell command:

sudo parity --db-path . --port=20000 --ws-port=20001 --jsonrpc-port=20002 --jsonrpc-apis web3,parity,parity_accounts,personal,eth daemon parity.pid

with or without sudo permissions, I am receiving the error message:

Error upgrading parity data: CannotWriteVersionFile(Os { code: 13, kind: PermissionDenied, message: "Permission denied" })

I have also given 777 permissions to my db-path folder with the (spicy and dangerous) command

sudo chmod 777 -R .

I am still receiving this error. What am I missing?


My particular problem was that I was trying to make the db_path the root folder on my Digital Ocean volume. For some reason it didn't want to give me write permissions there, so I made a new child folder, and stuck my db_path there instead.

mkdir db_path //make new folder called db_path 
sudo parity --db-path db_path --port=20000 --ws-port=20001 --jsonrpc-port=20002 --jsonrpc-apis web3,parity,parity_accounts,personal,eth daemon parity.pid

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