What is the simplest way to set up an Ethereum DApp development environment on Ubuntu 14.04 including a Client, and IDE and test environment?

I'm basing this Client-IDE-Test configuration on the suggestions here:

Firstly, download the latest stable binary of Alethzero, our C++ client, and install on your chosen operating system. If you experience problems with the stable build then you may wish to switch to the latest cutting edge version, which may ameliorate some of your issues. If you choose instead to build your own then build instructions are here.

Secondly, Install MIX our integrated development environment available for Windows and Mac here. If you are using Linux follow the instructions here to install mix also.

Finally, make sure you install Mist to test your Dapps and fine-tune your front-ends as you develop them.

It seems as if significant development has taken place since this was written - with everything being combined in the webthree umbrella repository?

I'm hoping the answer will be as simple as

sudo apt-get Ethereum-dapp-development-stuff

though that may be wishful thinking...

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Try using Truffle framework, with geth which you can install using apt-get install ethereum. check out truffle link for installation documentation.

Also there's the browser-solidity web IDE, which is alright.

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