I have a problem with connecting via Websockets to Infura. I am listening on some events from my smart contract, so when some event is dispatched by calling some method from smart contract, I should catch that event and do some stuff inside callback. Actually this seems to work locally(localhost), so I am connecting to Infura via Websockets without problem and everything works fine.

The problem occurs when a backend is deployed on aws instance. So the WebSocket connection to that AWS instance cannot be done and the most strangest thing is that I don't get any errors. Here is the code:

const web3Socket = new Web3(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider("wss://ropsten.infura.io/ws"));
let instance = await new web3Socket.eth.Contract(contractAbi, address);
        fromBlock: "latest"
    }, (error, event) => { console.log(event); })
        .on('data', async (event) => {
            // do some stuff
        .on('changed', function(event){
            // remove event from local database
        .on('error', console.error);

So actually .on('error', console.error); is not throwing any error for example connection lost or connection refused. Any tips/suggestions on what to try next or what can cause the issue?

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According to this, the web3 provider URL should look something like:


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