Is there a way to sign a transaction to be accepted on a specific chain?

In other words, if I want to sign an offline transaction via geth, say 0.5 eth from external address A to external address B, is there a way to specify the desired chain to be Kovan/Mainnet/etc in the transaction?

I'm hoping to prevent a malicious actor from broadcasting the hash of the signed transaction on another chain (like mainnet, when the txn was meant for a testnet). E.g. replay attack

On geth, I've tried to sign a transaction offline through eth.signTransaction( ):

var tx = eth.signTransaction({from:YOURADDRESS, to:TOADDRESS, gas:GAS, gasPrice:GASPRICE, nonce:19, value:500000000000000, networkId:1},YOURADDRESS)

In place of the "networkId" parameter, I've tried the following combinations of parameters and arguments:

  • networkId:1
  • networkId:42
  • chainId:1
  • chainId:42

The tx.raw or hash of the signed transaction for each confirguration returns the same bytecode. I was even able to broadcast and submit a txn on kovan with a chainId:1 argument.

Pls help. Thank you in advance!

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