In Solidity v0.4.24 and below, I would send ether from contract to contract using the following code within a bigger function :

if (!_address.call.value(_ether)()){

After Solidity v0.5.0, this throws several errors on compile.

"TypeError: Wrong argument count for function call: 0 arguments given but expected 1. This function requires a single bytes argument. Use "" as argument to provide empty calldata."

"TypeError: Type tuple(bool,bytes memory) is not implicitly convertible to expected type bool."

"TypeError: Unary operator ! cannot be applied to type tuple(bool,bytes memory)"

Changing the previous code to:

if (!_address.call.value(_ether)("")){

removes the first error, but the other two remain.

Changing the code to:


leaves the following warning. "Warning: Return value of low-level calls not used."

It seems to work in practice, but shows warnings and error symbols on Etherscan.

What could I do to remove these warnings?

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From https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/v0.5.7/050-breaking-changes.html#semantic-and-syntactic-changes:

Functions .call(), .delegatecall() and .staticcall() now return (bool, bytes memory) to provide access to the return data. Change bool success = otherContract.call("f") to (bool success, bytes memory data) = otherContract.call("f").

So in your, case you want this:

(bool success, bytes memory) = _address.call.value(_ether)("");
require(success); // if (!success) { revert(); } is fine too, just needlessly long.

Note that I've omitted a variable name for the second return value because you're not using it. If you cared about the return value, you'd want (bool success, bytes memory data) = ....

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