I have the above code

 mapping(string => Owner) public Owners;

    function addOwner( string memory name, string memory surname, string memory fathername, string memory mothername, string memory ethnicityId, string memory id) public returns(int8)
        Owner memory owner;
        owner.name = name;
        owner.surname = surname;
        owner.fathername = fathername;
        owner.mothername = mothername;
        owner.ethnicityId = ethnicityId;
        owner.id = id;

        Owners[id] = owner;
        return 0;

    function getOwnerName(string memory id) public returns(string memory, string memory) {
        Owner storage owner = Owners[id];
        return (owner.name, owner.surname);

I am inserting an Owner with addOwner and try to retrieve with getOwnerName but Ringeby network is not returning the data I have inserted. The function returns the right data when I use the javascript VM on remix IDE


Declare function getOwnerName as view.

  • Yes! That's correct! – chatzich Apr 7 '19 at 21:17

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