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I am making explorer like etherscan. Etherscan give us the information about token transfer in a transaction.Can you tell me what etherscan do to track the token transfer.I try to get input data from the transaction hash and find the token transfer from the input data.enter image description here

Because i know that in this transaction token transfer happen and i extract the detail from the input data the total token transfer the receiver address and method id.But my question is i can write the method with same name transfer(address _to,uint256 _amount) but with no token transfer happen in this method.how can i track which input data contain token transfer information and which is not?and also in this image.enter image description here

You can see method name execute and in which multiple token transaction happen.and its input different from transfer method but both method involve token transfer.what should i do in each transaction hash find the token transfer in the transaction hash

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