I am trying to deploy contract with privateFor tag in migration and for set function same as shown in truffle quorum 7node example. started nodes with these commands


nodes started fine, but when I tried to deploy contract with truffle on localhost:22000, truffle showing an error:

Could not connect to your Ethereum client with the following parameters:
    - host       >
    - port       > 22000
    - network_id > *
Please check that your Ethereum client:
    - is running
    - is accepting RPC connections (i.e., "--rpc" option is used in geth)
    - is accessible over the network
    - is properly configured in your Truffle configuration file (truffle-config.js)

please let me know what seems to be the problem, Is there any step missing?

note :I thought there is a problem with rpc connection in geth. but I dont now how to troubleshoot.


The first step would be to check whether you can connect directly to geth with 'geth attach qdata/dd1/geth.ipc'. If that fails then your geth node is possibly not running. You can check with 'ps -ef | grep -i geth'. Take a look in the log file for any errors (qdata/logs/1.log). fyi here is the truffle config I have:

        node1: {
            host: 'localhost',
            port: 22000,
            network_id: '*',
            gas: 6000000,
            gasPrice: 0,
            type: "quorum"

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