I have an ethereum contract, which linked to a wallet that I control (i.e. I have the private key).

The contract has 241 Ether in it. Is there an easy tool available to get the ether out of the contract? Or do I need to use the command line and operate on the contract to get the money to transfer?

Metamask, MEW and Ledger tools have, so far, not let me operate on the contract. I have geth on my machines too, but I'd prefer something point and click so I don't transpose a digit or something and fuck anything up..


  • The answer is simple: yes - if you have implemented a function in this contract which does msg.sender.send or msg.sender.transfer (or instead of msg.sender, some other address of an account which you control (i.e., have the private key of)). otherwise - no. – goodvibration Apr 5 at 8:03

Assuming the contract exposes some sort of simple transfer function, https://etherscan.io/address/<contract address>#writeContract is a pretty easy-to-use interface. Add the address to MetaMask (via the private key), and then use Etherscan to call whatever method you want on the contract.

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