I'm trying to make a call to my smart contract and write data to my blockchain, which is successful. However, after that completes I want to make an entry in a firebase database. The code appears to hang after the smart contract call though.

React code:

addToBlockchain = async(_ipfsLink, _key) => {

       /* const rand = uniqueRandom(1, 10000000)
        var key = rand()

        let newDate = new Date()
        newDate = newDate.getTime()
        var _account = this.state.account[0]
        var _uid = this.state.uid

        await storehash.methods.sendDocument(_ipfsLink, newDate, _key, _uid).send({from: _account})
        .then( () =>{
            var _uid = this.state.uid
            var _studentName = this.state.StudentName
            var _studentNumber = this.state.StudentNumber
            var _courseCode = this.state.CourseCode
            var _courseName = this.state.CourseName
            var _idForBlockchain = _key

            const db = firebase.database()
                    studentName: _studentName,
                    courseCode: _courseCode,
                    courseName: _courseName,
                    blockchainKey: _idForBlockchain 

            alert("Student added")

        return (_key)


and here's the contract is that's of any help:

pragma solidity 0.5.0;

// Basic app of how to store and retrieve a document id for IPFS stored on Ethereum network
contract BasaltStore {

// struct of how a document will be stored
struct documentStore {
    // unique id of the doc
    uint256 id;
    // the url of the ipfs node where the document is stored
    string ipfsHash;
    // wallet address of who uploaded the document
    address uploader;
    // date the document was uploaded (created here)
    uint dateUploaded;
    // uploaders id on firebase database
    string userID;

// mapping of all documents
mapping (uint64 => documentStore) public ListOfDocuments; 
// count of all documents stored
uint256 public documentCount;

/** Stores the newly created document details */
function sendDocument(
    string memory _ipfsLocation, 
    uint256 _uploadDate,
    uint64 _key,
    string memory _userID
    documentCount ++;
    ListOfDocuments[_key] = documentStore(documentCount, _ipfsLocation, msg.sender, _uploadDate, _userID);

/** Retrieves docuement details */
function getDocument(
    uint64 _id
returns (string memory, address, uint256, string memory)
    // return the attributes of the documentStore we need
    string memory ipfsHash = ListOfDocuments[_id].ipfsHash;
    address uploader = ListOfDocuments[_id].uploader;
    uint256 dateUploaded = ListOfDocuments[_id].dateUploaded;
        string memory userID = ListOfDocuments[_id].userID;
        return (ipfsHash, uploader, dateUploaded, userID);

I'm running the smart contract locally using Ganache and the transaction is completing but the code never seems to get to the firebase step. Does anyone know why?

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