I would like to use my ledger as the wallet that will validate blocks on a private network with a geth client.

I can have access to my ledger account from geth. But i can't start the mining process.

> miner.start()
> WARN [04-03|10:21:02.553] Block sealing failed     err="not supported"

I look for what caused this error in the source code and i think it's here

Is it technically possible but not implemented yet / never will be or is it totally impossible to use a wallet that come from an other backend to validate blocks ?


It seems that validator needs to sign validated blocks with his private key, which looks reasonable. In theory, it is possible to use hardware wallet for this. The wallet just need to either support signing arbitrary data (probably some wallets already support this), or to support signing validated private network blocks.

The comment in geth source you mentioned code just means that geth currently does not know how to sign validated block.

Once private networks with dedicated validators will become more popular, hardware wallets will most probably gain ability for signing validated blocks, and geth will learn how to use it.

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