I'm trying to compile the Uniswap Exchange contract using the latest vyper compiler.

I first updated the ERC20 references to the new token: ERC20 definition and set up an import from vyper.interfaces import ERC20.

The next issue is with the getExchange() function in the Factory interface.

vyper.exceptions.TypeMismatchException: line 68:15 Typecasting from base type address(ERC20) to address unavailable

This occurs on the following line:

assert self.factory.getExchange(self.token) == self

I tried to solve it by amending the getExchange interface to:

    def getExchange(token_addr: ERC20) -> address: constant

but this produces another error:

vyper.exceptions.InvalidTypeException: line 8: Invalid base type: ERC20
    def getExchange(token_addr: ERC20) -> address: constant

How to get this to compile?

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Turns out this was a compiler error and is being addressed.

See here: https://github.com/ethereum/vyper/issues/1375

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