I am trying to implement a Simplified World State Trie based on Merkle Patricia Tree.
Take the following image for example enter image description here

there are four accounts

address  value

a711355   45
a77d337   1
a7f9365    2
a77d397   12

my question is, how do I generate the state root using programming language?
I was trying

const RLP = require('rlp');
const keccak256 = require('keccak256');
var nestedList = [0,"a7",
var encoded = RLP.encode(nestedList);

but clearly it's wrong, it comes out 09ac270191aa233ea294b2ffab5da5adf7620aef7739eb162ca6cacb245ebe63
where I believe the correct answer is 5838ad5578f346f40d3e6b71f9a82ae6e5198dd39c52e18deec63734da512055

Any comment or answer is appreciated!! thanks for your valuable time



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