Is there any way to generate ethereum address from mnemonic and derivation path without using ethereumjs-wallet npm package?

I have generated mnemonic using bip39
and i can generate Ethereum address using ethereumjs-wallet/hdkey package for any derivation path but i want any other way
I don't want to use ethereumjs-wallet/hdkey

  • Why you do not want to use ethereumjs-wallet/hdkey? It should be possible but you will be implementing a lot of functionality from that package. Underneat ethereumjs-wallet uses hdkey package. – Ismael Apr 3 at 19:40
  • Actually i have to ethereum address using derivation path in flutter, but problem is that there is no library like ethereumjs-wallet in flutter – Ishwar Chandra Apr 3 at 20:06
  • 1
    The algorithm is described in the BIP 39. You will need some crypto primitives like HMAC SHA512 or implement them yourself. – Ismael Apr 3 at 21:11

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