String Literals As with integer literals, their type can vary, but they are implicitly convertible to bytes if they fit, to bytes and to string.

How? How can I convert uint to bytes?

also is there any way to cast address-typed variable to bytes32?

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for conversion the simple bytes32("string"); would work!

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The type conversions are mainly constrained by the internal representations. Fixed types convert to other fixed types and dynamic types (bytes, string) seem to convert. Internally, the dynamic types have a representation of length so conversion implies reorganization that we don't get by simple casting.


pragma solidity 0.4.25; 

contract Cast {

    uint n;
    string s;
    address a;

    function convert() public view {
        bytes32 b1 = bytes32(n);
        bytes32 b2 = bytes32(a);
        bytes32 b4 = bytes32("string");
        bytes memory b5 = bytes(s);

Hope it helps.

  • any idea how to do this in solc 0.5.x?
    – okwme
    Commented Sep 22, 2019 at 15:06

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