This is the transaction hash:


And this is the screenshot my friend sent me:


If you check the hash in Etherscan, some informations converge with the screenshot - block, number of confirmations and sender address - but other info are divergent - receiver address, date and amount sent. What could have happened?


Your friend simply edited the HTML and changed the TimeStamp, To, and Value on that page.

You can tell this because all of the other stats on the page are correct, with the exception of the items noted above. This includes the Block. You know that the image has been edited because the Block and the timestamp simply do not match (nor are they even close). The Block parameter is the true parameter, given the current state of the network. This tx hash also does not exist on any other network.

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    Well that's a massive red flag. – Greg Schmit Mar 25 '19 at 3:22

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