I have a solidity function with only one statement i.e., require(). My logic is if that function throws error then the data is invalid otherwise valid. But that error is not caught in err parameter of callback but instead express's error middleware is invoked. Although there is a way to specifically catch that error in middleware ( something like: app.use('/api', function(err, req, res, next(){ ... }) }. But that would put the could in different file which i dont want. Is there any way to catch it.

router.get('/', function(req,res,next){
myContract.verify(username, password, function(err,result){
res.render('error','user already exist');
// Do something


contract mContract {

function verify(string memory _user, string memory _passwd) public view {
      (keccak256(bytes(userMap[_user].user)) == keccak256(bytes(_user))) &&
      (keccak256(bytes(userMap[_user].passwd)) == keccak256(bytes(_passwd))),

I have used require() such that when the user/passwd does not match the require function throws error, which should be caught in err parameter of callback provided to contact method; otherwise it renders error page saying 'user already exist'. As of now when condition within require fails, the control flow does not go inside catch block but instead goes to error handler function defined in app.js. Although i can catch that error, using the example mentioned above, but then logic will be inside app.js.

  • Please share your code (only the part relevant to this question). Your verbal description is rather obscure, and it does not provide a clear picture. Commented Mar 21, 2019 at 12:14

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Wrap the method invocation in a try/catch in your JS application to catch errors such as reverts thrown by solidity:

app.use('/api', function(err, req, res, next) {
    try {
      // add your smart contract function call here

    } catch(err) {
      // handle error here


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