from . import views File "/home/manzik/Desktop/Ethereum Voting/voting/home/views.py", line 5, in import commission.views as comm File "/home/manzik/Desktop/Ethereum Voting/voting/commission/views.py", line 164, in compiled_sol = compile_source(contract_source_code) File "/home/manzik/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/solc/main.py", line 108, in compile_source stdoutdata, stderrdata, command, proc = solc_wrapper(**compiler_kwargs) File "/home/manzik/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/solc/utils/string.py", line 85, in inner return force_obj_to_text(fn(*args, **kwargs)) File "/home/manzik/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/solc/wrapper.py", line 169, in solc_wrapper stderr_data=stderrdata, solc.exceptions.SolcError: An error occurred during execution

command: solc --combined-json abi,asm,ast,bin,bin-runtime,clone-bin,devdoc,interface,opcodes,userdoc return code: 1 stderr:

stdout: Invalid option to --combined-json: clone-bin


try python3 -m solc.install v0.4.25


py-solc has been deprecated and does not support solc versions ^0.5.0. The error you have posted is consistent with attempting to compile using a 0.5.x version.

I have forked the project as py-solc-x and continue to maintain it. You can install it via pip:

pip install py-solc-x

Keep in mind this is no longer an official release from the Ethereum snake charmers. I encourage you to review the code on Github before using it.

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