Hey is there a quick way to embed an Ethereum wallet address and a button into my existing website so as to allow people to send in their ETH donations to me?

Or do I need to go through the whole npm install everything-in-the-world process, meaning web3HD-wallet-provider, etc., then write up a whole contract, include the ABI code in my .js file - just to allow this fairly simple sendTransaction functionality?

Or am I over-thinking this?

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    Add web3.js to the page. Follow MetaMask's instructions for wiring things up (getting users to grant you access). Then it's a one-liner: web3.eth.sendTransaction({ to: ..., from: ..., value: ... });. – user19510 Mar 19 '19 at 23:33
  • @smarx Hey that worked! Thank you! Now, I'd like to give you credit for providing the right answer, but I can't since you posted it here as a "comment" and not as an answer. Can you re-post so I can credit you? – Mark55 Mar 24 '19 at 5:31

You could simply use Whois0x.io, it provides a link with an identity card you set up with keybase style self post on social media. It's easier for people to donate if they do know for sure who is the receiver. It can give you something like this: 0xfFA7A52a7d30E5Bc81c031a717726FA638c76289

Then, if people connect their metamask account or their Dapp browser account (Trust wallet, Wallet,..), they just have to click send and validate.

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