I'm trying to listen for an event in my smart contract when I call another function.

Smart contract event

event documentAdded(
    uint id

Smart contract method

function sendDocument(
    string memory _ipfsLocation, 
    uint256 _uploadDate 
    documentCount ++;
    ListOfDocuments[documentCount] = documentStore(documentCount, _ipfsLocation, msg.sender, _uploadDate);
    emit documentAdded(documentCount);

React code

 var event = storehash.events.documentAdded()

        function(error, result) {
            if (!error)
                this.setState({idForBlockchain: result.args.id.toString()})

    //call the smart contract method to create a new document
    const documentId = await storehash.methods.sendDocument(this.state.IPFSlink, newDate).send({from: this.state.account})

The problem is when I run the react code it gives me the error:

event.watch is not a function

Am I using watch wrong in some way or is there a problem with how I am assigning the event to a var?

Sorry if this is basic, I'm still new enough to solidity.

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