I have deployed the AWS Blockchain Template for Ethereum stack (the ECS version). There is 1 miner and 2 clients (default stack). I realized that I don't have access to the default accounts set in the template (a bunch of accounts that are initialized with 1000 ether, plus the account where the miner is saving its winnings) so I modified the miner task to store the savings in another account and restarted it. When I did this, the blockchain had 7931 blocks. After the change, the miner logs say that there is a new genesis block, and it started minings new blocks starting from zero (blocks 1, 2, 3... and so far 1580). The account still has zero ether. My questions are:

  • Why restarting a miner ends with a new genesis block? Why is this miner mining new blocks instead of loading the already mined blocks?
  • Why is it that the account still has zero ether?


enter image description here

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