My system: Ubuntu

I followed the instructions in https://github.com/ethereum/mist. But after the success command (gulp mist --walletSource local --platform linux) execution, I found that the folder ~/mist/dist_mist is only 12K.

Below are folder details:

enter image description here

Also I ran the following command to build the wallet:

gulp wallet --walletSource local --platform linux

But the build process always stops after:

[21:00:51] Finished 'switch-production' after 313 μs 

Do you know the correct steps to build Mist and Wallet on my local Ubuntu system?

Now I am trying to build win32 app. Got build success result. But lots of file under build output directory ~/mist/dist_wallet is missing, include exe and related files. Below is build detail and console output: enter image description here

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Looks good, what you are looking for is in dist_mist/Mist-linux64-0-7-6 (or linux32 depending on your architecture). Look for binaries called Mist or Ethereum-Wallet in there and execute them.

By the way, my build script for the wallet does the following:

git submodule update --init
npm install meteor-build-client
npm install gulp
npm install
gulp update-nodes
gulp wallet --platform linux

Or for the mist browser:

gulp mist --platform linux

You can ommit the --walletSource flag, I think local is no valid branch anyways. If you insist on using it, try --walletSource develop or --walletSource master.

  • But I still can not complete the build for wallet. I put the mist and meteor-dapp-wallet source code at the same directory(/home/minxin/). I added build log in question content.
    – Minxin Tu
    Jul 5, 2016 at 9:41
  • Not sure why you want to use a local wallet source? Also, it does not look like it stoped but you aborted it with ^C.
    – q9f
    Jul 5, 2016 at 10:41
  • Hi 5chdn. I resolved some network issue, and got the correct build of linux. But still got same error when I did the build for win32. I attached the log and detail in my question. Seems build completed with no error, build get empty content in build output folder.
    – Minxin Tu
    Jul 6, 2016 at 11:08

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