I am using Clique and have set period:0 in the genesis.json file.
When I migrate --reset there is no problem in sealing new blocks; but, when I submit a transaction from my frontend through metamask, blocks are not being processed. Submitted transaction appears in the log, but nothing happens. Also note that eth.getBlock("pending").transactions returns []. I am wondering why I am receiving the transaction in my Log but it is not appearing for the nodes.

For the record the nodes are mining with unlocked accounts.

How should I go about troubleshooting this, what could be the problem?

EDIT: When I submitted a transaction manually from one of the nodes, all the previous transactions were executed along with the new one. Now the frontend communicates with the blockchain as it should. Still wondering what the problem could have been in the first place because this is unacceptable for production.

  • There are many possible reasons. How many validators are in your network? If you have more than one validator a faulty communication might cause a network split. Did any transaction go missing? Transaction have a nonce field that start at 0 and increment by 1, if you skip a number then the following transactions will get stuck until a tx with that nonce is submited. – Ismael Mar 9 at 20:36

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