I am developing my own multi sig wallet, however I am new here, so I don't have good understanding of how does the exchange ERC20 <=> ETH work

1. How to get BNB coins?

As I understand, for instance I have my own msig Ethereum wallet and calling its function



Here I am saying: "Hello, ERC20 token (for example BNB-token), I am sending you my 10 ethers from this address, so please create the new element in your array of addresses (owners), and set that I own 1000 (for example if 1 ether == 100 BNB coins) your BNB-coins"

And basically I have 1 Ethereum address and it can hold

  • 123124 ethers,
  • implicitly hold 1000 BNB tokens,
  • and other tokens.

Is it correct? If so, then I can just simple implement my transfer-function that requires 2(or more) signatures from contract owners.

2. Operations with BNB coins that I have

And then, if I want to know my BNB balance or transfer some BNB coins to other person I can just implement some extra functions in my ethereum msig contract that will require few signatures to call the functions from the contract of BNB (or other ERC-20 tokens) So its like my contract will call the functions of ERC20-tokens contract? Is it correct?

Big thanks!

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