i run a private blockchain and i have realized some strange behaviour there. Concret i started a transaction and save the timestamp, when it has been started. Then i wanted to figure out, how long this transaction had to wait, till it is mined into a block. Therefore i calculated the difference of the timestamp, when the transaction has been started and the timestamp of the block, which contains the transaction. The strange result ist, that this difference is negativ, and that my transaction is inside a block, whose timestamp is smaller then the start timestamp of my transaction.

I think i habe mad a mistake somwhere, but to be sure i want to raise the question here, if a transaction can be added to a block, which lies in the past. (I don't think so)

Thanks for your answers :)

  • Probably the time on the machine of your private node is on a different timezone than your client machine? Like you sign a transaction on a GMT+2 and you have a node in GMT+1 – waytosay Mar 11 at 15:32

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