Solidity allows for unnamed function params, how to use them?

contract C {

 // omitted parameters
 function func(uint k, uint ) returns(uint) {
    return k;

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    +1 for bringing up an interesting topic unused method parameter, for return parameter see my answer. Jul 4 '16 at 18:53
  • Frankly I suspect it is only a sideeffect for creating the unnamed return parameter. It was easier to say in this BNF both are a parameter and I allow also input parameter but they will go to dev/null... If not I will be happy to know a new feature... Jul 4 '16 at 18:57

I could answer the returns parameter anonymity.It takes a return statement to return some value from the function for not having a parameter name.

Whereas having a named parameter in the returns, we don't need a return statement.Whatever value is assigned to the named parameter in the return argument would be returned at the end of the function execution automatically.

function func(uint k, uint ) returns(uint myValue) {

404 is returned automatically without even having a return statement. I hope it helps partially


Increases readability.

If your logic doesn't require some of the parameters, omit naming those parameters to make it obvious that your logic doesn't depend on them.

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