I've two contracts deployed one is UserRegistration and another is Exam

I've getUser(uint id) method to fetch data of particular user using users mapping,

function getUser(uint _id) public constant returns(uint,string,string,uint,uint) {

  User memory c = users[_id];


Now, I've another contract Exam in which I want to call getUser() function from UserRegistration contract so, I've done it like this,

pragma solidity 0.4.25;

contract UserRegistration
    function getUserCount() public returns(uint);
    function getUser(uint) public returns(uint,string,string,uint,uint);

contract Exam
    address private addrUsr;
    uint public count;
    UserRegistration r;
    constructor(address _addrUsr)
        r = UserRegistration(addrUsr);

    function updateCount() public {


    function getUserData(uint _id) public
        //WHAT to do HERE//;


But, how to parse the values returned by getUser() function into getUserData() so that if I call getUserData() function it should return all the values returned by getUser(), and as the values returned by getUser() function are of different data type I can't store them in an array.

Please help me

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I noticed you're using constant in the registry. If that's right for the compiler you're using, stick with that, otherwise view for a newer compiler.

In any case, use it in both:

You should add view to the getter functions in both contracts.

function getUserData(uint _id) public view returns (uint,string,string,uint,uint) { // or constant
    //WHAT to do HERE//
    uint id;
    string name;
    string class;
    uint age;
    uint pincode;

    (id, name, class, age, pincode) = r.getUser(_id);

    return(id, name, class, age, pincode);

Hope it helps.

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