Is there a way to automatically create a new Solidity Contract - from within a web3 JS file using the .json file created in a project's build folder after each compile?

I have already figured out how to READ the .json file from the project's build folder using this snippet:

const contractJSONABI = await $.getJSON("MyContract.json", function (data) {
  console.log(JSON.stringify(data, undefined, 2));

But what I'm missing now is how do I actually use this ABI data to programmatically create a contract instance using web3.js? Like one I can actually call functions from?

I've been trying the following and its not quite working (I'm on web3 v. 0.20.3):

  MyApp.myContract = MyApp.web3Object.eth.contract(MyApp.contractJSONABI);
  MyApp.myContractInstance = MyApp.myContract.at(MyApp.contractAddress);

Would appreciate any help!

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