So, my private blockchain became out of sync and one of the nodes reset to block 0 – it then synced up with the other nodes. The node that went to block 0 is the node that is providing the rpc port for Metamask.

Now, when listening for events I get an error RPC Error: Internal JSON-RPC error. {code: -32603, message: "Internal JSON-RPC error."}

The following code is the source of the error

events = await this.KYCinstance.getPastEvents('ReportedFraud', { filter: {fromID: fraudID}, fromBlock: 0 });

But when I do fromBlock:12000 it works.

I believe this has something to do with the fact that in order to catch up with the other nodes, this node had to 'fast-forward', so it is unable to access older blocks. Is there a way to do a full-sync at this point or is there a way that I should be starting the chains in order to ensure that they are fully synced? What else could possibly be going wrong?

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