I am trying to add the constantinople fork to my private net with is running on geth. I have updated to latest geth, geth 1.8.23.

I have stopped my current geth node running and have chnged the genesis file by adding constantinople block as below in config file

"config": { "chainId": 56312, "homesteadBlock": 0, "eip155Block": 0, "eip158Block": 0, "constantinopleBlock": 16275, "byzantiumBlock": 0 }

However, when I try to init the geth with new config, O am getting below error

Fatal: Failed to write genesis block: mismatching Constantinople fork block in database (have <nil>, want 16275, rewindto 16274)

Could someone help me to add constantinople fork to my private net.

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I tried this and worked (but I recommend to create a backup):

=> xxxxxx is the future block number you want to do hardfork your private ethereum chain.

1- Alter the .json file by adding "constantinopleBlock": xxxxxx, "petersburgBlock": xxxxxx. PetersburgBlock is the Constantinople fix due to a security hole of Constantinople.

2- Run the command: geth --datadir <your datadir> init <genesis>.json

3- Restart running your geth, and you should see something like follows:

INFO [07-10|13:46:36.647] Initialised chain configuration          
config="{ChainID: 23422 ..... Constantinople: <xxxxxx> Petersburg: <xxxxxx> }"

and the chain data remains but the admin.nodeinfo, node's enode is updated.

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