For testing purpose in test network we are creating account dynamically using ethereum java (EcKey). I have an account that contains enough ethers. How can i transfer ether from the source account to the account newly created using ethereum java. Please suggest.

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Check any sample from samples source directory how to deal with Transactions, for example, this one: CreateContractSample.java,

Your transaction call should be something like this:

// Amount in ether to send
BigInteger etherToSend = BigInteger.valueOf(100);
// Weis in 1 ether
BigInteger weisInEther = BigInteger.valueOf(1_000_000_000_000_000_000L);
BigInteger weisToSend = weisInEther.multiply(etherToSend);
BigInteger nonce = ethereum.getRepository().getNonce(senderKey.getAddress());

Transaction tx = new Transaction(
      ByteUtil.longToBytesNoLeadZeroes(3_000_000),  // Gas limit
      ByteUtil.bigIntegerToBytes(weisToSend),  // Amount in weis
      new byte[0]  // We don't need to send any data

Use the Transaction.java class , create the object with information needed ( the constructor, takes info like from, to address,nonce,gas and value to transfer) and finally sign the transaction and submit.

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