Clique (POA) seems to have awesome configuration possibilities to make it work like a DPoS or a randomised DPoS

DPoS : Selects a set of masternodes (maybe 18-25?) which have staked native fuel (ETH equivalent of the new chain) The masternodes vote for each other basis uptime or even a KYC Doc hash from IPFS? (The KYC feature lets the master-nodes get some form of regulatory clearance. Considering China made it mandatory to disclose hosting a node)

Randomised DPoS: Selects randomised set of masternodes (maybe 18-25?) from all the nodes with staked native fuels. The set of masternodes change every n epoch times (unlike EOS where the most staked are most probabilistic)

Block rewards can go as per staking.

Anyone working on this logic? Can help?

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