i´m learning Solidity now, and i saw this code on web but when i try to use the method "Deposito" i receive a error. Someone knows what's that ? (PS.: I try to put the value but every time i chose another value different from 0 don't work).

I was using the remix to test code.

pragma solidity ^0.4.2;


mapping (address => uint) private saldos;

function deposito() public returns (uint) {
    saldos[msg.sender] += msg.value;

    // Sem necessidade de "this." ou "self." para variáveis de estado
    // todos as variáveis são inciadas com seu valor default

    LogRealizacaoDeDeposito(msg.sender, msg.value); // dispara evento

    return saldos[msg.sender];
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    Since you're trying to deposit "value", your method needs to be "payable", otherwise it cannot accept deposits. – Micky Socaci Feb 27 at 0:30
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    Thanks, man that solves the problem. I really need to read the documentation with more attention. ^^ – Davi Mello Feb 27 at 0:34
  • Post the solution as an answer – Achala Dissanayake Feb 27 at 5:32

For any contract method to be able to accept value transfers, it needs to have the "payable" modifier assigned to it.

function deposito() public payable returns (uint) {}

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