I have 2 functions

    function startBuilding ()
        uint[8] memory _buildingInfo;
        _buildingInfo[1] = uint32(block.timestamp) + 2 minutes;

    function finishBuilding ()
        uint[8] memory _buildingInfo;
        require (buildingInfo[1] <= block.timestamp);

        buildingInfo[6] = STATUS_NEW;       

Truffle Test

    it("Function 'Building' work", async function() {
        await buildingContract.startBuilding();

        // Here you need to rewind time ahead by 2 minutes

        await buildingContract.finishBuilding();

How to rewind time ahead by 2 minutes to get tested require (buildingInfo [1] <= block.timestamp) ???

sleep() - will not work, because the test will be done for a very long time, because there are a lot of smart contracts like require


With Truffle 4.1.15 & Ganache 6.2.5, you can use this:

web3.currentProvider.send({method: "evm_increaseTime", params: [120]});

Note that:

  1. Between Truffle v4 and Truffle v5, Web3 has changed from v0 to v1, so the above might be different on Truffle 5.x (for example, I think you need to await for the function to complete).
  2. Method evm_increaseTime is 1 of 4 non-standard methods that aren’t included within the original RPC specification (i.e., it is proprietary for Ganache, see here for more details).

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