I am receiving the following alert from Metamask.

ALERT: Trying to call a function on a non-contract address.

The address is most certainly a contract address, I can interact with it perfectly through the geth console.

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Make sure that you are connected to the proper network through Metamask, the network that the contract is deployed on.


Try to close the browser and login Metamask again. I resolved the issue after did it.


In my case, I forgot to update my ABI JSON file. After the update, everything was fine.


Another possible issue that you changed your contract but haven't redeployed it.

Compile first:

truffle compile

and then redeploy:

truffle migrate --reset

Check your app again.


truffle migrate --reset

copy the contract address and ABI on your UI proyect

you can try with rinkeby so change your account


My ganache instance restarted since the original deployment and I had to redeploy the contract, in order to get it to work.

truffle migrate --reset

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It was a problem for me too. Initially I was working on rinkeby, then I switched network to main and then again to rinkeby. It worked fine for me after that.

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