Tell me, how through truffle, after the deployment of the contract, call one of its functions? I mean, during migration, how can I call the function of the contract?

var Ownable = artifacts.require("./Ownable.sol");

    module.exports = function(deployer) {
        var ownable;
        var ownableAddress;

        deployer.then(async () => {
            ownable = await deployer.deploy(Ownable);

            ownableAddress = ownable.address; 
            await ownableAddress.addContractAdresses(address);

Here is the function call

await ownableAddress.addContractAdresses(contract.address);

But I get an error

TypeError: ownableAddress.addContractAdresses is not a function

Here is the contract itself and its function

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract Ownable {

    mapping (address => bool) public authorizedContractAdresses;

    function addContractAdresses(address _address) 
        authorizedContractAdresses[_address] = true;
  • I'm a little confused by the question, but generally, you call a contract method by using contract.method.call() Feb 22 '19 at 19:39

You can get a instance of deployed contract with await Ownable.deployed() after deployment. You can achieve what you are looking for with a much simpler looking script.

module.exports = async (deployer) => {
    await deployer.deploy(Ownable);
    ownableInstance = await Ownable.deployed();
    await ownableInstance.addContractAdresses(ownableInstance.address);

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