I need to sync my parity light client from a hardcoded block. I synced the light client fully in a Debian image and exported the hardcoded sync. I then pasted it in the chain spec file of a desired node and ran the light client. But it gave and error below

 Stage 4 block verification failed for #10594306 (0x5577…b88b)
 Error: Error(Engine(NotProposer(Mismatch { expected: 
 0x4ba15b56452521c0826a35a6f2022e1210fc519b, found: 
 0x5f93cc6c9f13f80a5bbc1bb1e0520100f8887ce9 })), State { next_error: None, 
 backtrace: InternalBacktrace { backtrace: None } })

and stuck at block number #10594305.. Is there something went wrong during export of the block number or is there anything wrong with this node? Thanks a lot!

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