I'm writing a library for Ethereum BIP44 address trees and comparing it against https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ using the same mnemonic phrase.

Given this mnemonic (just a test)

report dash combine correct until media shrimp wide about remain accuse sound solar lawsuit chest myth layer always style filter farm prison will brief

I correctly derived the seed


The BIP32 Root Key matches as well:


This is for ETH, so I'm using the following path to get the Account Extended keys: m/44'/60'/0' (also matching)

# Account extended private key

# Account extended public key

The BIP32 derivation path looks correct as well (m/44'/60'/0'/0)

BIP32 Extended private key

BIP32 Extended public key

Everything checks but the generation of the ethereum addresses.



Question: Is this correct ?

  • The above address is generated from the BIP32 root key using the specified path following these steps.

  • The resulting extended public key (note the M) is Base58 decoded

  • The compressed public key is recovered, using EC curve calculation we recover the Y coordinate and append X and Y together to get the uncompressed public key

    • The standard steps to get 20 byte address (keccak sha3, keep just the tail 20 bytes and append "0x")

I double checked my Keccak hash function and it returns the correct hash for the "" value:


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This is silly but I found what the problem was. After I ran the libsecp256k1 point multiplication to obtain the second coordinate of the public key I was discarding the first 8 bytes of the resulting public key instead of just the first ("0x04" prefix).

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