Actually Im working on a blockchain application based on smart contracts that allows to buy/sell properties and paying in cryptocurrency using Ethereum and Bitcoin.

I wonder I develop smart contract with Solidity (js) or Web3j(Java) ?

The front of the app will be with angular but I dont know what to use in back: Java or Java script ? What is easier and more workable.

And Thank you !

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    Hi there. Solidity is not Javascript, it's a smart contract language. Web3 is not a smart contract language. Also, your general request is aimed at eliciting opinions, which isn't what Stack Exchange is for. I'd recommend asking this sort of thing on Reddit: reddit.com/r/ethereum or reddit.com/r/ethdev – Richard Horrocks Feb 13 '19 at 11:02

Depends of your proyect needs. But I recommend you Web3js instead of Web3j. In my opinion is more implemented and are more examples fors tests in the internet.


I think you're getting confused. Smart contracts are written in Solidity which also isn't JavaScript but is influenced by it. What Web3 is, is a bridge between the smart contract running on the EVM and your front-end application. Since you're using Angular I recommend going for Web3js in combination with Solidity. I would also highly recommend the use of the Truffle Framework. A guide on how to start could be found here.

Goodluck coding!

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