Why isn't delegate call able to run internal functions?

What is the difference between a self directed delegate call and a contract normally calling one of it's internal function?

contract DelegateInternal {

    address public senderOne;
    address public senderTwo;

    function dellyCall() payable returns(uint256) {
        senderOne = msg.sender;

    // Not able to set this variable when this function is made internal
    function otherFunction()
    internal {
           senderTwo = msg.sender;


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The function is internal. That means there's no way to call it directly through a message call, since the signature (bytes4(sha3('otherFunction()')) in this case) isn't in the table of functions. If you must do this, you have to expose a public function, which you can also limit to self-calls if needed by doing require(msg.sender == address(this)).

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