I have a question.

Currently I collect eth information. But I can not find it anywhere. I found btc soon.


btc = coin_type ( name = "Bitcoin", symbol = "btc", public_magic = "0488B21E", # xpub private_magic = "0488ADE4", # xprv bip32_code = "0", public_key_version = "00", address_prefix = "1", wif_version = "80")

If the information on eth has changed, can you tell me? name = etherrum symbol = eth public_magic = private_magic = bip32 _ code = public_key_version = address_prefix = wif_version =

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    Ethereum uses a different algorithm for addresses. You cannot use a library for Bitcoin to access Ethereum addresses. – Ismael Feb 11 at 23:08

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