I'm looking into the event logs of makerdao's CDP operation, and I'm confused why there are several event logs for 1 cdp operation, like this tx: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0fb6a8d8f10410c544b27b848319e67a422be883e4252fea639c89a444209685#eventlog, it contains 1 cdp operation: draw dai.

there is only 1 Draw event of 95 Dai: transfer 95 dai

while in event logs, there are several event logs(totally 6) with the Topic0 (0x440f19ba00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000):

event logs

why is this?

Note: signature of draw event is:

  function draw(bytes32 cup, uint wad) public note {

here the log is made by the modifier note, which is:

event LogNote(
    bytes4   indexed  sig,
    address  indexed  guy,
    bytes32  indexed  foo,
    bytes32  indexed  bar,
    uint              wad,
    bytes             fax
) anonymous;

modifier note {
    bytes32 foo;
    bytes32 bar;

    assembly {
        foo := calldataload(4)
        bar := calldataload(36)

    LogNote(msg.sig, msg.sender, foo, bar, msg.value, msg.data);


event LogNote is anonymous, so topic0 is msg.sig instead of the signature of the event. and msg.sig for func dai is: draw(bytes32,uint256), the keccak is: 0x440f19ba0

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Thanks to the help of @dc and @equivrel from makerdao's chat channel link1 link2

There are a quite a number of sai functions that produce multiple log entries - it's due to the use of DSNote which produces a log events each time an internal note function is called


So the 6 event logs comes from:

  • 3 direct calls of chi()
  • 1 direct call of rhi()
  • 1 un-direct call of chi() (safe() -> tab() -> chi())
  • 1 call of draw()

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