Using Truffle unbox react to unbox a boilerplate.

received the following error from running npm run start


  • Addition of "memory" parameters in the simpleStorage.sol
  • Changed unit to string in the simpleStorage.sol
  • Adjusted port address to "7545" to match Ganache's port.
  • Changed truffle-config to truffle.js for mac

Other than those changes, the boilerplate is still pretty much barebones.

Attempts for a solution:

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled -g and local truffle
  • Attempted multiple solutions for pragma requiring specific compiler to no avail. <- (I am sure this is probably the problem. However, me not being able to find this error searching all day tells me it could be something else before I even get to that.)
  • Attempted brew re-installation & updates from solc docs.
  • Updated Ganache to latest v.
  • Attempted optimizer & versions properties suggested for the compiler object in truffle.js.
  • Attempted complete wipes and resets and following the documentations for truffle unbox react documentation's step by step instead of other guides.

I would post the code, but literally re-attempting from a clean slate 3-4 times with most of these methods repeatedly already labels this code as barebones besides the subtle changes I listed.

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My answer to this after having the latest Truffle framework and Solidity I did the following:

  • I had to manually update pragma versions for the default truffle unbox react .sol files.

  • Create a compiler object within the truffle.js (mac) or truffle-config.js (Windows naming convention.) for version control.

  • Make sure to check JSON files for compiler versions. I double check after creating a compiler object for the truffle configuration to make sure. (Its a bit extra, but all considerations of the support on this growing industry.)

Apart of the big confusion here to beware of is plug-ins. VS Code Solidity


I will have to get on gitter to inform him of the possible bug too. Beware as well other solidity plug-ins sometimes mentions a fork off of Juan Blanco's original plug-in.


This is because your App.js is attempting to set an int value to your storage variable which you changed to a string type.

In App.js change line 42 so that your contract.methods.set() call sets a string not an Int.q

Also should edit how storageValue is defined in the state definition in App.js from storageValue: 0 to storageValue: ""

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