There seems to be a few issues going on with ropsten right now:

https://twitter.com/sbetamc/status/1092167042709573633 https://twitter.com/stevenleeg/status/1092546643604459521

At the same time, a node that I have running seems to be running on a different chain when compared to ropsten.etherscan.io.

I'm on block 4959146, while etherscan is on 4958946 (and some previous blocks also don't match

Additionally, it seems that transactions are somehow reaching both forks. The transaction 0xb7ac2d4109d1c69b8b874bc71e4c6b09c94240973548584dcee581ff57e07bed shows up on both etherscan and my own node, but in non-matching blocks.

So, two questions really:

  1. what's up with ropsten right now?
  2. will it be solved on its own (via a rollback, or something), or do I need to resync my node?

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