I am switching machines and ran into a weird issue with truffle. Truffle is set up properly on my old machine. I can compile and run tests without any issues. To my knowledge, I set up everything the same way on my new machine. All tests and source files were pulled from a repo, so I at least know my project directory is identical on both machines.

When I attempt to run tests on my new machine via truffle test, the console hangs for about ten seconds, then the terminal prompt reappears: benjamin@spectre-laptop:~/git/busd/ethereum$ truffle test benjamin@spectre-laptop:~/git/busd/ethereum$

I do not receive any output or errors. This also occurs with truffle deploy and truffle compile.

If I run truffle build, I see the following: benjamin@spectre-laptop:~/git/busd/ethereum$ truffle build No build configuration found. Preparing to compile contracts. benjamin@spectre-laptop:~/git/busd/ethereum$

Does anyone know what the issue is?

  • Check your Truffle version on each machine, and get back to us with your findings. – goodvibration Feb 5 at 6:32
  • 5.0.2 on my old machine, 5.0.3 on my new one. – Benjaminius Feb 5 at 15:26

I was facing exactly the same error i had installed truffle before so when i checked the version..it was all compatible. But you need to do: npm i -g truffle add sudo in the beginning due to permissions. and the do truffle compile/migrate.

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