is it possbile to get bytecode of already deployed contract on another contract?

example : get bytecode of contract A using contract B (using solidity )


Yes, this is possible using assembly, you can get the code of any contract. The code below do just that (from the docs

function at(address _addr) public view returns (bytes o_code) {
        assembly {
            // retrieve the size of the code, this needs assembly
            let size := extcodesize(_addr)
            // allocate output byte array - this could also be done without assembly
            // by using o_code = new bytes(size)
            o_code := mload(0x40)
            // new "memory end" including padding
            mstore(0x40, add(o_code, and(add(add(size, 0x20), 0x1f), not(0x1f))))
            // store length in memory
            mstore(o_code, size)
            // actually retrieve the code, this needs assembly
            extcodecopy(_addr, add(o_code, 0x20), 0, size)

This can also work:

> eth.getCode("CONTRACT ADDRESS")


After getting the Byte code, remove the "0x" at the beginning and then use this Solidity decompiler, https://ethervm.io/decompile, to decompile the bytecode.

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