I updated to the latest version of Truffle using:

npm uninstall -g truffle

followed by:

npm install -g truffle

I verified this succeeded by doing:

truffle --version

and got this:

enter image description here

You can clearly see that I'm on version 5.0.3

I read that updating Truffle would pretty much also automatically update the Solidity compiler.

but when I do:

solc --version

I get this:

enter image description here

So its still on version 0.4.24

So I did again.
And again.
And its not working.

I've done it globally - and I've done it locally, meaning in my specific project's Directory.

Nothing works.

I tried doing it directly, by uninstalling Solidity - like this:

npm uninstall solc -g

-then reinstalling it using:

npm install solc -g

I've done pretty much everything I can think of, but its still telling me that I'm on version 0.4.24.

What's going on? What am I missing here?



I added the following to my truffle.js file:

compilers: {
    solc: {
        version: "0.5.0"  // ex:  "0.4.20". (Default: Truffle's installed solc)

That's obviously supposed to force the use of that particular version of the compiler.

I recompiled and redeployed to ropsten - and that all worked.

So at this point, I'm assuming that the project is being compiled using v 0.5.0 of Solidity - but is it?

Here's my big question right now: how can I tell - like during run time, what compiler version is actually being used on my project at any given time? Cause at this point, I'm still getting errors in my DApp - the HTML & JS files that are querying the contract I deployed - that seem to do with the compiler+solidity versions - which was the reason I updated truffle to version 5 in the first place, to solve these issued. (But that's another matter. One thing at a time.)



This shows everything:

enter image description here

-I'm installing solc v. 0.5.3 directly into my project's folder (I've already done the Global install several times.)

-I get 2 warnings - I don't know what they mean - but it says it installed 14 packages from 5 contributors, which sounds pretty good.

-but then when I do solc version, it tells me I'm on version 0.4.24

I've literally spent all day trying to resolve this.

  • What does truffle version returns? (without the dashes). In truffle v5 you can configure a version of solc in you configuration it will download and use that version. – Ismael Feb 2 at 18:03
  • wooow. truffle version returns: Truffle v5.0.3 (core: 5.0.3) Solidity v0.5.0 (solc-js) Node v8.9.4 – Sirab33 Feb 2 at 18:19
  • @Ismael I made some changes - and updated my question up to. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thank you! – Sirab33 Feb 2 at 18:58
  • You can always force installation of a specific version, to install 0.5.3 you use npm install -g solc@0.5.3. Truffle do not use the global version installed instead it downloads its own copy so it is easier to switch versions. – Ismael Feb 2 at 20:20
  • OK, I think I have that part solved - meaning I've installed the latest version of truffle, but again: how do I know what particular version of the Compiler is running and being used on my project at any given point? Y'know, just to make sure that what I specified and asked for in my json.package is actually being applied? – Sirab33 Feb 2 at 20:24

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