The project is a truffle-react trufflebox, a bounties creating and solving application. It uses Truffle v5.0.1. This is the home page.

Home page

Below is the page that displays when you click on the 'Become a Bounty-Creator' button. After filling the details and clicking on 'Join', it's supposed to update the 'Deployed creator address' label with the address of the new deployed contract representing the new bounty-creator. But this is the error I see:

This is the page to create a new bounty-creator

Googling doesn't help. Even the firefox console doesn't show any serious errors.

enter image description here

Does anyone have any idea as to how do we get around / solve this error: '_utils_getWeb3__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_9__.default.eth is undefined'. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I've some problems with a few truffle boxes that were updated to work with truffle v5 yet. – Ismael Feb 3 at 6:48

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